Stone Mountain Roofing Mistakes

Shingle roofing is easily the most widespread method of roofs right here in Stone Mountain. The different types of shingles can be found in the less costly 3 tab shingles, the more costly dimensional shingles, and architectural shingles. Each and every shingle is put on by roofers and everybody knows that guys make errors. So what exactly is the most frequent Stone Mountain roofing mistakes?

stone mountain roofing mistakes Stone Mountain Roofing Mistakes

Among the most usual blunders that some roofing crews in Stone Mountain tend to make are toe board holes and not repairing these. Toe boards are essentially two by fours which have been temporarily attached onto the roof top in an attempt to have a foot hold for the roofing crew on a high pitched roof top. In addition to that they are placed on the roof in order to supply the roofing crew an area to place the packages of roof shingles, while loading them onto the roof top. The toe boards are placed on the roof top by either 3” nails or maybe lengthy screws which penetrate straight through the shingle and into the wooden decking, hopefully going into a strong truss on the flip side.

Toe boards are vital, however a quality roof team can complete a new roof on any house without the need of too many (my team do not often make use of them). The challenge with toe boards is that after the roof is done they need to be taken off and the little holes from the nails to be repaired with a neoprene caulk, it really is an effortless repair. To repair the little holes you just need to raise the shingle with a flat bar and use the caulk between the 2 roof shingles. The issue is not all the openings are repaired. It is actually simple to skip a nail opening whenever you fail to remember the amount of nails you drove into each two by 4. Even when the roofer is thorough in repairing his toe board openings, many often leave the exterior openings unfixed. A few roofers rationalize this by thinking that the border openings are going to only spill into the soffits rather than into the home. I once repaired over a thousand openings in the border of a new huge home. The owner of the house was unable to recognize exactly where the water was originating from.

One of the primary items I look for when contacted to go out on a roof top in Stone Mountain to examine a leak is toe board holes and typically that’s the issue. You may think, “how much rain water may get in from a small nail hole”, and that’s the most widespread misunderstanding. Home owners reckon that the little hole could hardly be able to permit in so much rain water however that continual dripping onto sheet rock and insulating material may cause a big issue quickly. In truth it might appear like somebody simply poured a container of water into the attic. Rain water in the attic is not the sole issue, after some time continual water running through the tiny holes in the wood decking will cause the decking to rot and droop. From the interior of the attic this may look akin to a significant dark area.

Care-free or rushed roofers are not the single culprits, frequently the home siding guys who work on your home after the roofers on a new house will affix their scaffolding to the shingle roof top by nailing in the top bracket down into the roofing. Actually I have not ever noticed a home siding guy repair their little holes yet. Painters are also well known to use toe boards to hold their ladders from one roof top level to a second. Whomever the culprit is, these kinds of openings are invariably an issue and need to be repaired.

Toe boards may be the only thing which can get the job done. My roofing crew only rely on them when mandatory, but they are an issue if the roofer is careful in locating and repairing all the little holes, such as the ones in the border.

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